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FSP Business - Your gateway to business success

Want your business to always be one step ahead?

For the past 10 years, we've helped more than 67 000 companies comply with Tax, Vat, Labour, Human Resources and Health and Safety laws.

As a leading business publisher we’ll give you actionable business advice from leading industry experts, with no complicated legalese. By following our step-by-step instructions, relevant checklists, sample forms, handy tips and suggestions you can rest assured you’re 100% compliant. 

Our experts have done all the hard work for you...

We have more than 65 industry experts who are available to solve your Tax, Vat, Accounting, Labour Law, Human Resources and Health and Safety problems.

Try one of our products or services today to see the difference we can make to your business!

and the reviews are in...

“The Practical Vat Loose Leaf has made me realise that some of my invoices I received in the past were not up to standard, and that I now will not accept an invoice that is not up to standard nor pay it.”

W. Beetge

"Thank you all for the valuable information received daily.

I am the Manager of a large lodge, as such have many varied labour situations to deal with, recommended by my son who is also in business for himself, and found your information vital in managing his staff. I have managed to avert many a situation with staff, and gained respect in the fact that I am fully versed in Labour Law."

Jeannette Smith

“A good reference guide for practical HR Tips/Tools.  Hands on and user friendly – not academic and theoretical.

Kevin Marlow

"As I am subscribed to the Tax and VAT loose-leaf service, it gives me the blessed ability to contact Peter Franck directly. He responded to my email, we spoke over the phone – (I had a huge problem with the “heavies” from SARS Megawatt Park and Peter’s advice and assistance was absolutely invaluable. I cannot thank you enough for making this service available – you kept us out of jail – thank you thank you!"

Jacquie Scott-Crossley - Operations Manager

“I use my Health and Safety Advisor on a daily basis and have submitted health and safety related questions to which your responses greatly assisted me in being more effective in my role at T-Systems South Africa."

Carrol-Lynne Pistorius - Occupational Health and Safety Expert

"In Afrikaans it is said “slurp die info op”, meaning reading what is written, making it my own, sharing the information with the other co-workers and when and where applicable, start a awareness campaign, send out a memo that can become a Safe working Policy.

HanelieLombard - WilmedPark Private Hospital

Our Product of the Month

Provisional Tax 101

We have the ultimate provisional tax guide!

With the help of tax experts who’ve helped countless clients make it through the provisional tax season in one piece, we’ve developed the e-Book that will finally answer your prayers!

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